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From: Russ Brown (
Date: 06/27/00

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>From: "Dereck Kozak" <>
>> Thanks for the help on my object problem, but it didn't solve my mob one.
>> If i have sentinel mobs, that aren't supposed to be killed (Like city
>> How do I keep them stop reproducing like bunnies?

From: Thomas Arp <>
>Same way as with the objects. In the zone file, for each guard loaded,
first remove
>him. This is what your zonefile should look like (or something..)
>R 0 4081 4013 -1  (remove the mob(regardless of success of prev command))
>M 0 4013 50 4081  (load the mob (regardless of success of prev command))
>E 1 4041 50 4 (equip the mob (dependant on success))
>E.... (as many as you want)
>This way, the mob will only apear once, even if 50 of him is allowed.

Hello Everyone,
Unless the 'R' command has been changed in bpl 17 I dont think Thomas'
solution will work. (My mud is bpl 16 so I am not familiar with 17.)  The R
is for removing objs only, not mobs.  The CircleMUD Builders Manual, section
defines the command in this way:

R: remove object from room
Format: R <if-flag> <room vnum> <obj vnum>

So according to the documentation, in stock circle, mobs cannot be removed
as Thomas
suggested.  Thomas, has this been changed on your mud or does it work for
stock code.
also what does the fourth argument (-1) signify?  Apologies if this is in
fact an upgrade
in bpl 17.

To attempt to answer Dereck's original question:  Figure out exactly how
many of the sentinel
mob in question that you want and set the Max limit to that number. If you
want the same number
of them in each location that they occur (ie 1, 2 etc in each location) you
can use one M
for each room and they will build up to the maximum.  If you want 2 in one
room and 5 in
another, you may just want to load each one explictly.

Recently I have been thinking of adding an additional argument to the M
command to provide
more flexiblity:
M <mob vnum> <max existing in mud> <room vnum> <max existing in room>

Has anyone already done this, or have other ideas that would add to the
usefulness of
zone commands?

Russ Brown

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