Re: [CODE] Race vs Class vs Stat generation

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 06/28/00

> Recently I have been thinking of adding an additional argument to the M
> command to provide
> more flexiblity:
> M <mob vnum> <max existing in mud> <room vnum> <max existing in room>
> Has anyone already done this, or have other ideas that would add to the
> usefulness of
> zone commands?
        No, but there have been calls as of late, for more flexibility in
the zone command system.  Most of it just requires simple 'if-then' logic.
Some have asked for more flexibility in something as simple as equipping a
creature (like managing multiple items with multiple levels of
containers).  The biggest problem with the system is that previous state
is saved only in 'most recent mob/obj/room acted upon' and if the previous
command was successful or not.

        The most verbalized complaint seems to be attached to that
'previous command' issue.  I have a warrior who should have a sword,
shield, plate mail, and helmet.  I load the mob and then equip-load the eq
making each one dependant upon the success of the previous command.
However, there are already 50 million swords in the game, and that command
fails.  Even though he should at least have the armor pieces, they will
not load - they should be dependant upon success of the mob load command,
not the previous one.

        It would be nice to have a workaround to this sort of issue.  I
haven't the time yet to examine this problem as closely as it deserves.


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