Re: [CODE] Race vs Class vs Stat generation

From: Alex (
Date: 06/28/00

>         The most verbalized complaint seems to be attached to that
> 'previous command' issue. they should be dependant upon success of the
> mob load command, not the previous one.
One possibility it to change the meaning of the 'if' flag.  For example:
 0 - Do it always
 1 - Depend on last mobile load
 2 - Depend on last object load

And heck, if you wanted to be clever, ie, Bubba's Sword of Death didn't
load) too many in the game, but let's at least give him a regular long
 3 - Depend on last mobile load _fail_
 4 - Depend on last object load _fail_

I'm _certain_ that more situations could be conceived of for this too.
This is all mailer thought.


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