Re: Displaying the log file "in game"

From: razor (
Date: 06/28/00

> Player: Curses, Imp!  You are too clever for us naughty people!
> This is just an example, but I'm sure one can see how this might be
> useful.  As for the e-mail bit, having direct access to current logs
> seems to be important to me, rather than having to wait for the next
> "log mail" before one can look and verify a player's claims.
But the mail is sent via circlemud. Example:
Player: uhm a big ork kill'd me and someone stole my corpse! That's
wrong! U should pusnish him!
Impl: types syslog mail, open his mailreader, grab the msg from the
pop, scry the new mail log
Impl: the ork is a scavenger mob, don't bother me again.
> Just my two-cents worth.
> Ron Martin
Razor [Chief of Darkmud: Breed of Darkness @
If it happens once, it's a bug.
If it happens twice, it's a feature.
If it happens more than twice, it's a design philosophy.

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