Re: Displaying the log file "in game"

From: Axiem (
Date: 06/28/00

Well, "syslog complete" is a nifty command...
But if you want to view the actual syslog? Hmm. My idea is to have a
command (like events or somesuch) which has an argument of a number,
which is the number of log entries you want read. Every time the command
is called, just read syslog into memory, and spit out the last
<argument> entries.
Of course, you could turn it into a "view entries from X to Y" type of
thing. There's a lot of stuff you could do with this.
Could be a rather useful godcommand if implemented properly. Just make
sure to try to make it portable to other OSes aside from *nixes.

But wouldn't be a bad thing if implemented, at least


> I was wondering if there is a snippet somewhere that has a command that
> will display the log file while logged into the game.  Some of my
> implementors do not have shell access, making it difficult for them to
> read the log file.  If there is no command, I would like to write one to
> add to the ranks of Cool Imp Commands(TM).
> Were I to write one, there are many things I need to consider.  Should I
> load the whole log file into memory so that it can be displayed via the
> pager, or just load bits and pieces of it at a time?  Would a regexp
> search be useful?  Would this command be completely useless?  Any
> feedback would be handy.

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