Re: [CODE] [NEWBIE]? MXP - tough luck telnet users?

From: Jeremy Stanley (
Date: 07/13/00

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, StormeRider wrote:
> Personally, I've been thinking about working on a GNOME-based MUD client
> for a bit, and the gtkHtml widget set would be perfect for this type of
> operation.

Have a look at SMM++, bMUD and SClient (search for them on  I'm sure any of these would welcome a pair of hands
toward Gnome/GTK integration.  Or look at Kmud and try to port it from the
KDE widget set to GTK.  Sounds like a worthy project and, once stable,
something I would suggest to my playerbase, friends, strangers in the
street...  You get the picture.

As an aside.  Has anyone looked into replacing the Telnet handlers with
integrated SSH or OpenSSH?  Would be an interesting patch for the somewhat
more paranoid or those who don't have control over the network segment
their server sits on.  Right now, I use SSH to connect to my server
(telnetd is turned off) and have patched Circle so that level > 30 can
only log on from localhost (all others get invalid passwd msg).  Keeps
anyone from sniffing my GOD/IMP passwords.  Doesn't do anything to improve
security for players though...

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