Re: [OFF TOPIC] Home ?Network? for development

From: Tom Whiting (
Date: 07/18/00

> Here's the problem.  Computer number 2 sits next to this computer.  BOTH
> computers have ethernet cards and there is a connecting ethernet wire
> between them.  Both cards are 3com 10/100 versions I am pretty sure.
> *Whew* stick with's the point.  I want to access my mud via
> computer #2.  How?
A> telnet localhost will telnet you to the host your on now (at leat
that's how it is with linux), so telling a computer to telnet localhost
loops right back to itself.
B> try telnet (ip addy of first computer). That should work unless you've
got only on ip for both machines.
C> if you've got a dedicated ip (as with most schools), go to smewhere
like and get an address from thm if it's too hard to remember the ip.
D> make sure your networking stuff is set up right.

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