[OFF TOPIC] Home ?Network? for development

From: Jason Stortz (JI-Stortz@WIU.EDU)
Date: 07/18/00


I have some questions about connectivity for you gurus out there.  I do not
*think* what I am asking about is probably that hard, but I can't get it to
work so here goes. =)

I have one computer which runs linux on it.  That is the computer I develop
and run my mud on.  The mud, if this matters, started as CircMUD 3.0
bpl17.  Anyways, it compiles fine and then I go into my "Konsole" screen
from my x window system.  Then we change directories and type in "./autorun
&".  This is followed by "telnet localhost 4000"

Stick with me, I swear I'm not trying to bore you to death. <g>  This all
works wonderfully.  I connect up and can play, look around, etc.

Here's the problem.  Computer number 2 sits next to this computer.  BOTH
computers have ethernet cards and there is a connecting ethernet wire
between them.  Both cards are 3com 10/100 versions I am pretty sure.
*Whew* stick with me...here's the point.  I want to access my mud via
computer #2.  How?

I sit at #2 and start up telnet (this seemed way to simple to me anyway)
and typed in telnet localhost just to try and connect to #1 running linux.
Of course it didn't work, let alone enter the mud.

I know some of you out there can get me through this. I hope it isn't toooo
hairy.  If you'd like to not choke the list with this we can communicate
off list about it.

I'd love to get this working, and I know it works somehow but, alas, I'm
not bright enough.  Thanks in advance guys/gals.

Looking forward to your brilliance,

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