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From: Brandon (
Date: 07/18/00

Alright..  Good fun a little course in Home Networking 101.  Now some of the things I say may sound stupid, just stick with me.

> I have one computer which runs linux on it.  That is the computer I develop
> and run my mud on.  The mud, if this matters, started as CircMUD 3.0
> bpl17.  Anyways, it compiles fine and then I go into my "Konsole" screen
> from my x window system.  Then we change directories and type in "./autorun
> &".  This is followed by "telnet localhost 4000"

Ok.  Atleast the mud is working and the loopback on your computer works.  The loopback is an ip with the domain name of localhost.
Ex:  telnet localhost 4000
will telnet to the local machine port 4000.  So so far we are ok.

> Stick with me, I swear I'm not trying to bore you to death. <g>  This all
> works wonderfully.  I connect up and can play, look around, etc.

Still good.

> Here's the problem.  Computer number 2 sits next to this computer.  BOTH
> computers have ethernet cards and there is a connecting ethernet wire
> between them.

Is this wire a crossover OR do you have a hub between the computers.  With a standard patch cord the Rx(reciving) -> Rx(receving) pairs and the Tx(transfering)-> Tx(tranfering pairs).  This is good to hook up a computer to a hub or a switch, but this is not right for a straight cable between two computers.  A crossover cable is as follows: Rx->Tx Tx->rx.  This way the data is going to be sent proprerly.  This may be one of your problems.

>  Both cards are 3com 10/100 versions I am pretty sure.

Well are the cards drivers installed (windows side) Or is the kernel compiled with the 3com drivers OR the is the correct modules installed for the 3com  (linux side).   I know this may sound stupid.

> *Whew* stick with's the point.  I want to access my mud via
> computer #2.  How?

Carefuly. :P

> I sit at #2 and start up telnet (this seemed way to simple to me anyway)
> and typed in telnet localhost just to try and connect to #1 running linux.
> Of course it didn't work, let alone enter the mud.

Well here is a big problem i see.  As I explained before the localhost only refers to your local machine thus you are trying to telnet to your windows machine.  That is why it wont work.  Try for now using the individual IP addresses  that you assigned to your computers.  Ex:

linux machine ip:
windows machine ip:

use: "telnet 4000"  to get to your linux box.  Sound good right.
Now you did give the boxes individual IP addresses right. (Yet again this may sound stupid.)  If you didn't the FCC allowed ip adreess for personal (non-internetworked) ip address are to or -  Now for your purposes you might want to use the 192.167.x.x one since you don't need many addresses.  The expample above illistrates this.

Alright... if (only if) you get the above to work properly you can add domain names to your Ip addresses. EX: telnet gremlin 4000 would telnet to your mud on the linux machine.   The easest way to do this on a small network system would to alter the "hosts" file.  This file is located in C:\windows\system\hosts (i think) and /etc/hosts.

Using the IP addresses from above you would add the following lines to these files:       gremlin      # The linux machine's name is gremlin       bunny         # windows machine name is bunny

> I know some of you out there can get me through this. I hope it isn't toooo
> hairy.  If you'd like to not choke the list with this we can communicate
> off list about it.

Good subject.  Now i wish i could schrounge up another machine to add another linux box to my network :P

> I'd love to get this working, and I know it works somehow but, alas, I'm
> not bright enough.  Thanks in advance guys/gals.

Np.  You are bright enough to use linux!

> Looking forward to your brilliance
Looking forward to hearing if this works!

Brandon Bennett
Hiroshima 45, Chernobyl 86, ... Windows 95!

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