Re: [OFF TOPIC] Home ?Network? for development

From: Bobby L. Russ (
Date: 07/18/00

At 7/18/00 8:04:00 PM, you wrote:
>I sit at #2 and start up telnet (this seemed way to simple to me anyway)
>and typed in telnet localhost just to try and connect to #1 running linux.
>Of course it didn't work, let alone enter the mud.

When you typed in telnet localhost 4000 on computer #2, it was trying to find port 4000 on Computer #2.  You
don't want that since the MUD is running on computer #2, but rather computer #1.  Find out what IP address you
have on computer #1, then from computer #2, type telnet <Computer #1 IP Address (i.e.> 4000


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