Re: [Changes to code for Loadroom for BPL17]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/18/00

> Well, I looked into the posts in the archive and what not and I tried a
> few of their methods and none of them worked on 3.0 BPL17.  However,
> after toying around with it... I found a rather simple solution to it
> that so far has worked.  I did the following...  This is just my way of
> doing it... There are probably many other ways to do this, but figuring
> that this took the insertation of 3 lines :-)  Anyway, if you have any
> comments on it, feel free to tell me
> 1) In Act.other.c, I made some additions to do_quit.
> 2) In Fight.c, I added the the following in void die (...) to prevent
> players from loading into the same room they died.

        What happens if a player already has a loadroom set?


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