Re: Circlemud/diku Licence

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 07/20/00

On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, StormeRider wrote:

> I don't consider this spam. It's a relevant issue to the software that
> they have control over.

I didn't say junk mail, I said spam.  Relevance is unimportant.  Flooding
their inboxes with the same messages over and over *is* spam -- having an
entire mailing list send them messages about GPL'ing DikuMUD *is* spam.

If you really feel that it is important for your voices to be heard, form
a petition and have people sign it (electronically, of course).  If you go
the mass e-mailing route, I can guarantee you that 99% of individual
messages that follow the same theme will NOT be read, and that means some
of the best thought out won't be read.  The group simply doesn't have the
time and shouldn't be expected to filter your mail, no matter how
important an issue you think it is.  People have real lives, even the
venerable creators of DikuMUD, and do use e-mail for other stuff.

If you really feel many individual's have strong arguments that ought to
be heard by the DikuMUD group, then as part of your petition, accept and
filter these arguments yourself, and deliver the best to them *ONCE*.

It should go without saying, but not everyone was gifted with good manners
and common sense: you should never make someone work to do you a favor.
Having to deal with a low single-to-noise ratio, filter through hundreds
of the same messages from third parties, etc., is asking way too much of
the DikuMUD group, and it's[1] a quick way to get your hopes crushed.

With all the vim and vigor of someone the target of chronic spam,


[1] I've spelled "it's" wrong *twice* today.  <Sigh>

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