Re: Beginner MUD Question

From: Alex (
Date: 07/23/00

> We want Vampires in the MUD, and also Id like to run it on Win2000, ie
> WinNT...
Well, in theory, you could use any mud variant that you chose to
get those results.  Having said that, you would likely want to avoid
the older bases, as they'll take a _lot_ more work to run on a Windows
based machine (those being Merc, Diku, etc).  Circle has been designed
to run on a Windows based machine, but is a fairly sparse mud to begin
with.  We give you some solid building blocks and let you decide where
you want to go.  Smaug and Godwars (for example) should also compile
under Windows (if I remember right), but will give you much more in the
way of features and whatnot.  Godwars might even have a Vampire class
or race built into it.

My best suggestion would be to wander off to the various download sites,
download a few, poke around in the source, and see what you like and
dislike about each and then decide.


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