Re: Beginner MUD Question

From: Shay (
Date: 07/23/00

Is there a basic way to add races to Circle?  Im moving more towards using
Circle as so far its the only one that will compile.. after a few fixes
that is.. ;)

Mainly im looking to add a vampire race, but cant find any docs on adding


At 10:15 AM 7/23/2000 Sunday, you wrote:
> > We want Vampires in the MUD, and also Id like to run it on Win2000, ie
> > WinNT...
>Well, in theory, you could use any mud variant that you chose to
>get those results.  Having said that, you would likely want to avoid
>the older bases, as they'll take a _lot_ more work to run on a Windows
>based machine (those being Merc, Diku, etc).  Circle has been designed
>to run on a Windows based machine, but is a fairly sparse mud to begin
>with.  We give you some solid building blocks and let you decide where
>you want to go.  Smaug and Godwars (for example) should also compile
>under Windows (if I remember right), but will give you much more in the
>way of features and whatnot.  Godwars might even have a Vampire class
>or race built into it.
>My best suggestion would be to wander off to the various download sites,
>download a few, poke around in the source, and see what you like and
>dislike about each and then decide.
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