Re: [CODE]any idea what this error is?

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 07/27/00

From: "Rich M Carpenter" <>
Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 6:06 PM
Subject: Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE]any idea what this error is?

> seeing as how I got one response, and that not an answer, but anoher
> question, i'll send this again....

You really shouldn't :)

> > I am running circlebpl17 on a win98 machine under cygwin32.
> > I have added races, a couple of classes, a bunch of skills and
> > spells, and made some changes to various files to make
> > things run the way i prefer.
> > Everything copmpiles cleanly, and none of the spells or skills that
> > require a command crash the mud, however
> > it does crash, seemingly at random.
> > Sometimes it will do it at the end of a fight, before the corpse is
> > made, but sometimes it will crash while I'm just standing there
> > doing nothing.
> > following is the a snippet from the syslog for the last time I did
> > it, as well as the CIRCLE.core which was created.
> >

Since the problem occurs randomly it has most probably something to do
with a pointer, that hasn't been nulled, after the memory is free()'d. Later,
when the program then attempts to access the memory location, that the
pointer is pointing to, the adress may be used by other applications, other
vars, or something else entirely.

<snip of long uninteresting log>
> > (C:\MUDWOLC\BIN\CIRCLE.EXE 1116) Dumping stack trace to
> > CIRCLE.EXE.core

The STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION exception occurs in the case mentioned above, as
well as if you try to access memory at NULL. A solution to your problem would be, if you
ran the mud through gdb. This would give you an idea of where in the source you have a problem.
Info on how to debug with gdb is in the FAQ at ceramic mouse:

<snip of long totally inunderstandable stack trace full of pointers>
> > Any ideas, no matter how vague, or with as many 'if's or maybes as
> > you care to use, would be great

Well, help for self-help :)

> > Thanks
> > RC


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