Re: Commands in a player's queue

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/14/00

> I'm using bpl17 under Linux, and I'm currently having problem. Well,
> actually, there are several problems, here we go..
> First: I would like to create a command that will allow the player to what
> commands are currently in his queue for execution, via, say, a 'future'
> command. This brings me to the next problem.

        I did this a while ago based off an event patch.  This is _not_
the optimal solution.  The optimal solution depends on what you're going
to use your system for (and what you're not going to use it for!)

        The event patch I used is located at:
        (thanks luis!)

        Simply follow the example for the delayed_command.

        Then, simply write a quick command based off the loop you can see
in run_events (using external struct pending_events), checking for
ch=causer, and you've got your list.

> Second: I would also like a 'forget' command which will clear the commands
> waiting in a players queue, so that the player can continue playing. These
> two problems take me to the final problem:
        Sure, same thing with the run_events() above, but don't run the
function.  Just delete the events.

> Third: I can't seem to acces the input-queue for players. Everytime I try
> to get something from the queue, I run into a segfault.. Since I'm not that
> much of an expert with C-structs, so far I've been unable to figure out a
> solution..

        Probably don't need to, but they are just stored as strings.
Perhaps the fact that they quickly get dequeued is causing a problem?
Examine the sections in comm.c where the buffer is removed from the input
queue and output to the character.  My bet is that you won't have to

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