Re: EXP. Formula

From: Leonardo Herrera (
Date: 08/17/00

Jason Pullara wrote:
> Hi Guys and Gals,
> Ive been working on a mud for the past 2 weeks now (Circle 3.0 bpl 17), and
> Ive come to the realization that 2000 lines for exp. tables for each of our
> 15 classes (plus modifiers for our 10 races) is just plain silly.
> So I thoguht (in all my geniousity) that I could write a simple little
> equasion to calculate how much exp. the character needs to get to the next
> level.
> I was wrong, I have no good formula, right now its "level * 10"
> Anyone have any suggestions?

Long time ago, there was a discussion about this topic. Even one guy wrote a
program to try and compare some of the proposed formulas. Unfortunately, I lost
my old emails archives. But in I was able to
find some info:

and maybe

Hope this would be useful.

Leonardo Herrera

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