Welcome and Coding

From: Treker (treker@positron.net)
Date: 08/18/00

Hi!  I'm new to the list, but my handle is Treker (yes, that's with only one

Anyhow, I've noticed that the actual code for Circle is rather...well,
overcomplicated (not so much as sloppy, just full of itself).

1.  Anyone know anything about the coding.doc file that's supposed to be
finished soon?
2.  I'm starting to code a new MUD, and am now working on improving a buffer
overflow crash in Circle, the MUD crashes when it attempts to send over a
certain amount of data through a socket to a user.  The idea here is to
prevent flooding by either enlarging the output buffer, setting up a queue
of data, creating a ratio maximum output (ie: 100 lines per minute max), or
some other arcane means.  There are several problems with this.

a. Enlarging the buffer will make it harder but not impossible.
b. Setting up a queue of data, after which when it is full the user will
receive a "Please Wait" prompt of some sort, would probably interfere with
many automated "return" scripts, such as those in zMud's mapping system.
c. Ratios would definitely limit the users movement, and should not be
implemented purely because they remove the user from the atmosphere of role
playing and force him/her to deal with computer issues at the same
time--besides, what's all this modern technology if we can't use it to its
d. I've a feeling how inetd does it, but buffer overflow handling isn't
something I'm about to explain on the list right now.

If anyone has any ideas, please share!

For now, the best plan would be to set up a larger buffer (a good several
decakilobytes larger).

I propose that any future releases of CircleMUD should have larger outgoing
buffers, maybe the next power of 2 until the developers (you too, Greera
=) ) get a better idea for error correction/crash prevention/buffer

In addition, is anyone here interested in being a builder on a MUD?

Finally, nice to meet you all (in advance) and I know I'll learn from this

To the disk depository...

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