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From: Alex (
Date: 08/18/00

> Yes, I understand, but that's no excuse for someone not to take charge (ie:
> the original coder(s)) and to organize some of the obvious things.
A quick history lesson:
  CircleMUD is based on DikuMud, a product of the early 90s and a team of
  5 coders.  Jeremy Elson created CircleMUD and since he began 4-5 other
  coders have put work into it.  The official base code release is
  reasonably well organized, not all of the addons or snippets are.  This
  is generally the case with unofficial addons.

> Such as the current bpl16oasis+dg greera distribution which has a new
> line in constant error in act.wizard.c
Two things here:
 a) 'greerga' not 'greera'.  His name is George Greer.  He prefers to
    go by that, just as I prefer 'Alex' rather than 'fletchra'.
 b) That's not an official release by George, Jeremy, dak, or myself.
    The person who put it together may have made a mistake.  Check over
    the README file, drop a line to the person who is credited for the
    collection of the work, and point out the error and a fix.

The only code that we (being the CircleMUD team) have any direct control
over is the offical patch levels that we release.  Anything else is
outside of our control.

> Sorry, as I said, I'm new to the list and the Circle Documentation world.
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Read this then.  And you'll note that it suggests reading the CircleMUD
FAQ also.


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