Re: Welcome and Coding

From: George Greer (
Date: 08/19/00

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Alex wrote:

>> Yes, I understand, but that's no excuse for someone not to take charge (ie:
>> the original coder(s)) and to organize some of the obvious things.
>A quick history lesson:
>  CircleMUD is based on DikuMud, a product of the early 90s and a team of
>  5 coders.  Jeremy Elson created CircleMUD and since he began 4-5 other
>  coders have put work into it.  The official base code release is
>  reasonably well organized, not all of the addons or snippets are.  This
>  is generally the case with unofficial addons.

And we're hoping to finish one of these years. :)

>The only code that we (being the CircleMUD team) have any direct control
>over is the offical patch levels that we release.  Anything else is
>outside of our control.

I have the (pure) OasisOLC code, however I probably won't be doing anything
else on it due to time constraints, upcoming classes, and other projects.
My FTP directory has the latest version that I've worked on but not

George Greer

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