Re: Modulizing "Added Spells, Skills, Commands, etc"

From: George Greer (
Date: 08/19/00

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Treker wrote:

>This method could still be modified--by creating a vector full of skills,
>their effects, how long they last, etc in each position of the vector
>(each position=new skill).  Since vectors are dynamic, the eof() member
>function could be used to detect how many spells are currently in use and
>dynamically assign the spells during interpretation.

I tried doing something similar once, putting all of the spells into a
'struct' instead of the 'switch' blocks but ultimately gave up as there are
too many differences, special cases, and tests to take care of to make it

>While the spells/commands/skills adding system may be near optimal right
>now, I think that it should become so easy that eventually spells will be
>stored in a file and loaded, so that they can be edited by an external
>program (ie: circedit 2001 [hypothetically])

Manual spells you probably could using libdl and dynamic loading.  You'd
probably want to extend that to have commands and just about everything
else later.

>Commands added by an admin (imo) should be separated from most of the
>Circle code--in their own source file, for example, thus preventing the
>need to manually upgrade the code later to a higher patch level because
>the DIFF program doesn't recognize the code.  But that's just my opinion,
>I could be wrong.

You have the code, do what you want. :)

We already have class.c and spells.c for that sort of thing.  Feel free to
make up your own source code files if you want to add things and not

George Greer

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