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From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 08/25/00


Unfortunetely, I think you may have been deceived by what is generally
considered the description of this list.

> Problem with this is I have absolutly no idea what to do. Im wondering
> if anyone else has been successful in adding anything like this with the
> bpl17 version. As to whenever I seem to add something new, I get errors
> because (I assume) what I am adding is too old and needs some tweaking to
> make it work.
> If possible, can someone whos done this before, direct me to where they
> got what they used?

It's not a code submission list.  We don't take requests ;)

There's some 350 programmers on this list; but they're not here to
request/fufill code - they're here to _discuss_ it.  The idea is that most
of us (*cough*notme*cough*) have a decent grasp on their own code, and will
discuss how to go about improving it here.

So, for future reference, please try to avoid assuming that we're going to
write your code, and instead try to ask for ideas on how to approach your
problem.  You're sure to get a better response that way anyways.

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