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From: Matthew Kuebbeler (flawed@southwind.net)
Date: 08/25/00

Currently Im running circlemudbpl17.
Im looking to add in an introduction system which only store
so many names a character can remember before they forget the
With this Im looking to add with it, short descs, and long descs.
ex: A short, fat warrior (short)
    A short, fat warrior scans the area for trouble. (long)
if you know the person:
   Bob, a short, fat warrior is (get_position).

Problem with this is I have absolutly no idea what to do. Im wondering
if anyone else has been successful in adding anything like this with the
bpl17 version. As to whenever I seem to add something new, I get errors
because (I assume) what I am adding is too old and needs some tweaking to
make it work.

If possible, can someone whos done this before, direct me to where they
got what they used?


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