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From: Matthew Kuebbeler (
Date: 08/26/00

> I coded this for our mud, called sharune.
> It is an introduction system and a "friend" system,
> which lets player choose their appearance at the
> chargen. (Which i see many other muds do.) However, we
> let the players choose from different hair
> colors/eyes/beard/scales etc etc depending on their
> race. Some muds let players write their own short
> description, i DO NOT recomment this, unless you are
> going for NO rp or fantasy feeling.
> You will end up with player looking like:
> "A fatass superman stands here."
> So i suggest you make something up in chargen where
> players must choose their appearance from menus, which i
> did, and it works great.
> It looks like this:
> "A stubby Dwarf with emerald eyes and red beard stands
> here."
> "A stubby Dwarf introduces himself to you as Gimlir."
> "A stubby male Dwarf known to you as Gimlir stands
> here."

One problem I have with this is it limits a players ability who wishes to
role play by having a pre set description. One thing I plan on doing if I
can get it to work, is have an authorization code placed in so characters
wishing to play need to first be approved. This way the immortal can check
the characters descs and make sure everything is in order, and ,ake the
nessasary changes if need be.

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