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Date: 08/25/00

Quoting Matthew Kuebbeler <>:

> Currently Im running circlemudbpl17.
> Im looking to add in an introduction system which only
> so many names a character can remember before they
forget the
> person.
> With this Im looking to add with it, short descs, and
long descs.
> ex: A short, fat warrior (short)
>     A short, fat warrior scans the area for trouble.
> if you know the person:
>    Bob, a short, fat warrior is (get_position).
> Problem with this is I have absolutly no idea what to
do. Im wondering
> if anyone else has been successful in adding anything
like this with the
> bpl17 version. As to whenever I seem to add something
new, I get errors
> because (I assume) what I am adding is too old and
needs some tweaking to
> make it work.
> If possible, can someone whos done this before, direct
me to where they
> got what they used?
> Matt
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I coded this for our mud, called sharune.
It is an introduction system and a "friend" system,
which lets player choose their appearance at the
chargen. (Which i see many other muds do.) However, we
let the players choose from different hair
colors/eyes/beard/scales etc etc depending on their
race. Some muds let players write their own short
description, i DO NOT recomment this, unless you are
going for NO rp or fantasy feeling.
You will end up with player looking like:
"A fatass superman stands here."

So i suggest you make something up in chargen where
players must choose their appearance from menus, which i
did, and it works great.

It looks like this:
"A stubby Dwarf with emerald eyes and red beard stands

"A stubby Dwarf introduces himself to you as Gimlir."

"A stubby male Dwarf known to you as Gimlir stands

And if he make you his friend (introduces are cleared
when someone die, friends are not, tho you can have a
limited number of friends depending on empathy)

"Gimlir the stubby Dwarf stands here."

We have also made it so players can write their own
short description when they reach level 5 and has made
an approved long desc.

To fix this, i added an array for ID nums (we use unique
idnums for all players) and doesnt reuse old ones for
each player. Then when someone introduces to you
his id num is stored in your intro array. And the array
is cleared when you die (or as you want, when too many
are in the array.. perhaps when its filled the oldest
ones clears.)

Then it is easy to make checks etc all over the mud
(just make a function where the idnum of the victim is
checked against the array of the looker).

You can also make up some macro for what is used in the
act function.
$n etc, is switched for names, check that lead and make
so if they are not introduced $n switches for "A Dwarf"
instead. (We use that for race wars too.)

Hope this helps some atleast.
(Sorry for my bad writing :P)

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