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From: Shane Lee (
Date: 08/25/00

I have seen a CircleMUD that did this. I don't know what their code
looked like, but I tried something similar on my own world.
The place to start is in the act.informative.c file, I did this:

void list_all_char(struct char_data * i, struct char_data * ch, int
  if (IS_NPC(i)) {
    strcpy(buf, i->player.short_descr);
  } else
    if(GET_POS(i) == POS_SPIRIT) {
    sprintf(buf, "The spirit of %s", i->;

  } else
    if (GET_LEVEL(i) == LVL_WIZ) {
    sprintf(buf, "The Wizard %s", i->;

  } else
    if (GET_LEVEL(i) >= LVL_AVATAR) {
    sprintf(buf, "The Immortal %s", GET_NAME(i));

 } else if (AFF_FLAGGED(ch, AFF_WIZARD_SIGHT)) {
    sprintf(buf, "A %s %s named %s", RACE_ABBR(i), CLASS_ABBR(i),

 } else
    if (GET_RACE(ch) != (GET_RACE(i))) {
    if (IS_ELF(i)) {
    sprintf(buf, "An Elf named %s", GET_NAME(i));
    sprintf(buf, "A %s named %s", RACE_ABBR(i), GET_NAME(i));

  } else
    sprintf(buf, "%s %s", i->, GET_TITLE(i));


Basically, this checks the race of both parties, and if they are
different, it sends a different message than if they are the same.
Working along the same principles, you could add a 'introduce'
command, that saves the player's IDNUM to the other's pfile. Then if
they meet again, they see the name, instead of the short description
or whatever.
Hope this helps...


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