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Date: 08/30/00

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Fredfish (E. Harper) wrote:

> Think about it... if a player knows he has x points of y, he can have
> it all figured out, and thus pick his fights so he can't lose.
A quick and simple solution to this one is simply to ensure that When
fighting Given battles, you gain less. We made it in a very simple way,
Figure out how many levels there are difference, if you're above X  you
don't gain any EXP at all.

If the mob is higher level (and thereby should be tougher than you) you
gain more. If the mob is lower level you gain less. Simple math :), Imho a
player has the right to know how much life they have in them. Imagine
Following situation:

Player picks a fight with a snake, now get's poisoned but otherwise wins
the battle. Player will now loose HP as he/she goes along since poison is
a bit tough (It was a Green Mamba), all the player knows is that she/he is
poisoned and is losing HP. Of course it is possible to make Percental
Messages which is going to wind up as problematic when you get players
with a lot of hitpoints, I imagine "You're near dead" when the player has
200 hitpoints :).

Not that it matters.. Your ideas sounds good :)


Sir Alec Guinness
 - May the force be with you, Always!

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