From: Shane Lee (
Date: 08/30/00

First, have you added the easycolor patch, or an equivelent? If not,
it's a very nice way to spruce up the MUD.
If so, check out the actual code that the color.c file sends to the
One problem associated with sending color in the greetings and such
is the fact that not everyone uses a compatible telnet client, and
may receive completely unreadable characters, when someone else will
see all the glory of ANSI color.
I believe there IS a patch somewhere in the ftp archives that allows
you to query the player BEFORE they log completely in, as to whether
or not their client is ANSI compatible (is that the right term?). Not
sure what the name is, but I think it has ANSI in the title.
Once that is installed, it's simply a matter of making two different
logins, one with color and one for the poor unfortunates whose lot in
life is to stumble throughout a colorless MUD.
Hope this helps....


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