Re: Offline Builder

From: Sammy (
Date: 11/11/00

On Sat, 11 Nov 2000 15:49:58 -0600, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>> I haven't had a chance to learn perl yet.  As for tcl/tk, I really
>> didn't like what I've seen of it, although that was at least 4-5 years
>> ago.  An editor-editor arrangement would probably be easier for
>> builders/coders to learn than my first attempt at a scripting
>> language, for sure :)
>        Heh. actually - perl/tk is not two different subsets of languages.
>It's one language altogether.  Well, it's actually just a perl module, but
>still.... Installation is easy, for windows; grab the active perl install
>from, and then after it's installed run ppm, and
>download the 'Tk' module (case sensitive).  PPM downloads & installs at
>the same time.  Then a program to create a simple window:

I misunderstood.  I thought you meant perl _or_ tk, which I thought
implied tcl.  Perl looks like a much more intuitive language.  One of
these days when I have a good chunk of free time again I'll have to
buy another bookshelf and grok it in its fullness.


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