[OASIS] syslog.CRASH for windows

From: [redacted] ([redacted])
Date: 12/19/00

I haven't seen any posts in the last couple days... maybe it's just been
quiet, or maybe because I found out a couple days ago that I was no longer
on the mailing list

Okay, what I'm asking here in my sleep-deprived, rambling sort of way is:
Does anyone have any clue on how to get syslog.CRASH or any of those other
log files to work in windows, or how to make something like them for

And then I thought I'd run some thoughts by everyone.  Have you ever thought
of characters NOT gaining hp when they level, or mana for that matter?  What
if that characters level merely increased their offensive and defensive
attributes?  I'm not sure if I'm going to go this route yet, but I think the
idea'd be cool.  They used to do it on a Dragon's Gate on AOL a long time

And one other question, do skills in stock circle increasese % with use, or
only practices?

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