Re: [OASIS] syslog.CRASH for windows

From: Henrik Pihl (
Date: 12/19/00

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, [redacted] wrote:

> I haven't seen any posts in the last couple days... maybe it's just been
> quiet, or maybe because I found out a couple days ago that I was no longer
> on the mailing list
> Okay, what I'm asking here in my sleep-deprived, rambling sort of way is:
> Does anyone have any clue on how to get syslog.CRASH or any of those other
> log files to work in windows, or how to make something like them for
> windows...

There should be a batch file (i don't know, if there is one) for it and
that comes only into question, when you are not using CygWin.

> And then I thought I'd run some thoughts by everyone.  Have you ever thought
> of characters NOT gaining hp when they level, or mana for that matter?  What
> if that characters level merely increased their offensive and defensive
> attributes?  I'm not sure if I'm going to go this route yet, but I think the
> idea'd be cool.  They used to do it on a Dragon's Gate on AOL a long time
> ago.

It should be cool, but it would be a lot of hard work to calculate the
neccecary offencive and deffencive. IMHO ofcourse.

> And one other question, do skills in stock circle increasese % with use, or
> only practices?

The stock circle increases skill/spell percentages only with practices,
but most of the muds have implemented its increase in use.


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