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Date: 12/19/00

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>  And then I thought I'd run some thoughts by everyone.  Have you ever
>  of characters NOT gaining hp when they level, or mana for that matter?
>  if that characters level merely increased their offensive and defensive
>  attributes?  I'm not sure if I'm going to go this route yet, but I think
>  idea'd be cool.  They used to do it on a Dragon's Gate on AOL a long time
>  ago.

The idea has occured to me, but I've usually run into an issue (such as
having to relocate, or the outright death of the server with the MUD erasure
ensuing) before I could put such an idea into practice.  Theoretically, it
wouldn't be that challenging, it'd just be time-consuming since you would
have to either come up with a way for characters to gain hitpoints outside of
leveling, or you would have to rebalance the whole MUD around characters only
having the base amount of hitpoints.  Anyway I still think it's a cool idea
and I'd love to see someone implement it.

>  And one other question, do skills in stock circle increasese % with use, or
>  only practices?

As far as I know, only with practices.  However, I dislike the concept of
pratices so much that I've been working on doing away with the level system
completely and having everything be use-based improvement.

Anyway, hope that helps a little...


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