Re: World file security (offline editor issues)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/29/00

> >         I want an offline editor that will allow you to login to a mud,
> > download the world files (and update currently downloaded ones if they've
> > changed), and then upload the 'fixed' copies back again.
> >
> Hrmmm, sounds like a lot of overhead on the MUD server.  You could use
> FTP but that would require giving FTP access to all the builders
> (something I wouldn't even consider doing).
> I would suggest writing a separate server which the offline editor
> (client) can interface to on its own port.  You can then control access
> to world files, or even individual rooms, mobs, etc on a per-user basis
> and implement all the locking controls you want plus you wouldn't have
> to worry about bogging down the CM server.
        Yep. My mistake here - I had meant to describe the effects without
including actual 'ways'.  What was 'download the world files' could
probably have been better phrased.  Something more like "Get the data in
the world files to the client, and back again, in a reusable format."


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