[ADMIN] DikuMud licence

From: Henrik Pihl (henrikp@syg.edu.ee)
Date: 01/09/01

I was browsing the CircleMUD documentation and thought about reading the
licence. I know, i know, should have read that before typing ./autorun &
on the shell, but i _know_ that "most" of the CircleMUD developers don't
care to read it all. My Mud does comply with the CircleMUD licence, but:

> The third part of the license simply states that you must comply with
> the DikuMUD license.

Started reading the DikuMuD licence, suddenly stopped at these 4 lines:

> If you wish to setup a version of DikuMud on any computer system, you
> must send us a message, by snail-mail or e-mail, and inform us where
> and when you are running the game. (remember to include
> your address, name etc.)

With that rule, we must 'shutdown die', send a s-mail/e-mail to those
people and wait for an answer. CircleMUD _is_ a version of DikuMud, isn't it?

> You are allowed to alter DikuMud, source and documentation as long as
> you do not violate any of the above stated rules.

Jeremy and his gang have probably the only real permission to alter
DikuMud/develop CircleMUD plus maybe some other peeps, who have sent an
e-mail/s-mail to DikuMud people.

Or maybe im just messing something up?

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