Re: [CODE/SERVER] Vanishing zones of objects

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 01/28/01

Jake Turner wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Ok the problem is as follows.. The Mud boots up fine, with all objects and
> other data loading in correctly.  After a while of play tho, and from what I
> can gather when players log in and such, whole zones of objects start
> disappearing.  I also think the objects disappear in a large chunks rather
> than item by item.

A zone will stop cranking out objects if the maximum number (set in the
zone file) is exceeded.  That includes any objects that a player may be
holding.  It is entirely possible that you may have players who are
hoarding objects and stopping the zones from producing them.  Check the
zone files to see what the maximum is set to for each object.

Regards, Peter

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