[Long] Spells / Limitations / Autowiz

From: Lord Kyu (Sythrel@Adelphia.net)
Date: 03/18/01

    Been thinking about this for some time, and I finally got a thought
in my head that I liked.  Though in my mind I am already to see some of
the complications, as well as things I'll be needing to change that I
didn't take into consideration when I first had this thought.  The
thought goes something like this.  I would like to change ALL affect
type spells, or spells that have duration's to be maintained.  For
example, if you cast sanctuary on yourself, and it costs 100 mana to
cast, each tick you will have to spend 10 mana to keep it active.  This
goes for you, or anyone else you cast it on.

   With the understanding I'm working on a player killing realm, comes
along with the problem of what happens if someone quits the realm, or
somehow gets disconnected.  Death is simple.  If the caster dies, cancel
all spells on all targets.  I might not just cancel them though.  I was
thinking when they stop being maintained, they will drop back to the
normal duration setting until they run out.  I'm undecided.

   To go along with this, what about scrolls, potions, staffs, wands,
etc.  I am sure I can just use those as normal duration's.  After all,
if someone poisons a waybread, and someone else eats it, why should the
caster of the poison need to maintain the upkeep?  And what about mobs
that cast spells?  I plan on giving mobs limit amount of mana, just like
players, which should set them okay for this system.  Do a simple check
not to cast any maintain spells until their mana is full, and if they
have maintain spells that they cast, only use other spells to drop their
mana to a point of half way, so they can have enough mana to keep spells

   I planned on canceling spells if a player sleeps, though not if they
rest, under the thought that even while resting their mind is active and
can concentrate on what they have cast.  I will have to add in a
"cancel" command that will list spells the caster is maintaining, and
allow them to cancel certain spells.  I will also have to save the ID of
the caster to the target, the same way affect, duration, etc. is saved.
And while I'm revamping the spell system, I should also probably save
the level of the caster, so that if someone is affected by a level 60
invis spell, they will not be able to be seen by someone with a level 24
detect invis spell.

   So I guess my questions on this would be looking for comments about
the different ways to go about this situation.  I am mainly concerned
about players wishing to quit the realm, be it the caster or the
affected.  Hate to limit a person to be stuck in the realm until they
get the spells removed, until they cancel them, etc.

   Again, dealing with the magic types, I am working on limitations.
Like in order to cast a spell the caster must have a free hand.  But
then, people will just make aliases to remove something, cast the spell,
wear/wield it again.  I could add in wait states, or prevent them from
doing this, but I'd like to find a way to simply deter them from this
type of action.  Basically, make it really inconvenient at times, or
down right deadly at other times.  So far I have removed what's been
dubbed "the four hand syndrome" in MUD.  This being players using a
shield, light, weapon, and off-hand item.  I cut out the light and
shield wear positions, and changed lights so they worked regardless
where they were worn, and shield are now held things, that apply to a
shield block/bash skill set.

   Also, away from spells, I was wondering if there might be a way to
set autowiz for a windows system?  If anyone has done it, if it's worth
the time for the programmers of the stock CircleMUD to work on, yadda,
yadda.  I don't plan on using it, I just noticed the note and was
wondering if that was something that fall under making the MUD's
portability maximized.  I don't plan on using it, and might strip the
code completely.  I like to get fancy with files, make the look themed
with the realm.


 Lord Kyu 

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