Re: [OLC][Newbie][bpl18] OLC for bpl18?

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/25/01

Enchantir wrote:
> I am not sure about bpl18, but for 17, I had to replace the patched comm.c
> file with one from the original distro as the patch hoses this file. The bug
> manifests itself in this fashion:
> When you 'say' anything, it tells the group, whether or not you are
> grouped...

That's act.comm.c, not comm.c (both distinct files), and you only have
to replace the ACMD(do_say) function.  If you replace the comm.c you
will most likely break OLC as I believe that it makes changes (that you
_do_ want) to comm.c

Regards, Peter

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