Pueblo enhancement and a question.

From: Shane P. Lee (tacodog21@yahoo.com)
Date: 04/04/01

Well it only took me a couple of hours. I have managed to add
Pueblo enhancements to a stock CircleMUD 3.0 (bpl18) and am in
the process of writing a snippet on what changes I made. I also
plan to include a patch for those of you inclined to use those.

I did find several problems with the Pueblo client, but only one
major one I considered a "bug". Its more like a feature actually.
The website for the MUD I code on (let's call it a.com) appears
to have the exact same IP addy as the server it is setting on
(I'll call it serverx). I realize this is normal, and a DNS will
work around it.
The problem is, any 'img src' I point to a.com come back with a 404
from serverx, not a.com.
For instance:
img src="http://a.com/misc/myfile.jpg"
Returns a 404 like so:
serverx: File /misc/myfile.jpg not found on this server.
Now this IS a problem. Because the exact same link works fine in IE
and Netscape.
I can only assume that the handshake protocol is somehow being screwed
up. I decided to use port 22 instead of 80, and I see now why the
404 pops up, but I need confirmation.

Instead of using regular http DNS, I believe Pubelo uses lower port
DNS lookup. Like checking for ftp instead of http. I hope this is
coming out the way I want it to.

Now when I make a reference to a subdomain, it works fine. The
problem I have is that serverx has a complex mapping system that
I can't figure out so I can give a static file map to Pueblo.

What I mean by subdomain is:
http://aol.sux.com/myuser/myfiles/mypic.jpeg <-does not return a 404.

Now since our website doesn't have a sub I'm forced to use pics from
other sites, which really sucks for everyone involved, but mostly the
ones I'm "borrowing" bandwith from.

If anyone sees a flaw in my theory, or can offer a solution, it would
be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I apologize for any incoherent rambling or typos, ect. I
have been up for almost 48 hours and am nodding off as I type.
Yeah, it sucks to be me.

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