Re: Pueblo enhancement and a question.

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 04/04/01

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> I did find several problems with the Pueblo client, but only one
> major one I considered a "bug". Its more like a feature actually.
> The website for the MUD I code on (let's call it appears
> to have the exact same IP addy as the server it is setting on
> (I'll call it serverx). I realize this is normal, and a DNS will
> work around it.

Hrmmm, sounds like the client is trying to use the older HTTP 1.0
specification on a web server that is using virtual name-based aliasing
(what this means is that it services more than one domain name on the
same IP address and it uses the headers of the HTTP request to determine
which domain is being requested).  The problem here is that HTTP 1.0 does
not provide the hostname in the headers.  Normally this is not a problem
because almost all Web browsers use the newer HTTP 1.1 specification now
which works fine with name-based aliasing.

If you have a link to the client source post it up and I'll take a look
at it and confirm this for you and see if I can provide you with a patch
or snippet to upgrade it to HTTP 1.1 functionality.

Regards, Peter

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