Re: [Question] [Newbie] zone flags

From: Anton Graham (
Date: 04/05/01

Edward Felch scrawled the following:

> an example of trying to use the zone flags:
>   if (ZONE_FLAGGED(victim->in_room/100, ZONE_NORECALL)) {
>     send_to_char("1 You can't recall from this area.\r\n", ch);
>     return;
>   }

These won't work because the room number for in_room is an rnum (yech).

  if (ZONE_FLAGGED(victim->in_room->zone, ZONE_NORECALL)) {

should work.

(not sure if its '->' or '.' before zone, but you get the idea.  Rnums have
little or nothing to do with the vnums you built them with :)

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