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Date: 04/05/01

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> part1:
> ...Is there something i can add to magic.c in the
> summoning spells section, which counts the number of followers a player
> and fails the spell if they have too many, this would idealy be be
> incremently based on the casters level and maybe a random element.

I think you would need to code that manually (ie, a manual spell).  See the
answer to part 3 for more tips.

> part2:
> ...Is there something which can be added to order, so that you could
> do order whirlwind kill rat, then order whirlwind 2 kill rat
> so both summoned whirlwinds will attack the rat. I have ideas involving

Have you tried: order 2.whirlwind kill rat?

> part3:
> Whats the best way to go about adding a countdown timer to summoned npc's
> and then remove them when the timer reaches 0.

The best way would be to add an AFF_WHIRLWIND (or some such affect), and set
the duration when the spell is cast.  Take a look at the charm spell, which
is quite similar to what you are looking for.  You could also test for this
affect when you are searching through the caster's followers to limit the
number of whirlwinds.  That way players are not penalized for having human


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