three part question about summoning spells

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 04/05/01


This is a three part question really.


I have a spell called whirlwind summon, which ummons a whirlwind with size
and stats dependant upon level, and the spell works fine!
The trouble is that I have no limiter for the amount of times this can be
cast, other then mana. Is there something i can add to magic.c in the
summoning spells section, which counts the number of followers a player has
and fails the spell if they have too many, this would idealy be be
incremently based on the casters level and maybe a random element.


The summoned whirlwind are identicaly named, which means that order will
only work for the one which was last to enter the room, i.e the last
created. Is there something which can be added to order, so that you could
do order whirlwind kill rat, then order whirlwind 2 kill rat
so both summoned whirlwinds will attack the rat. I have ideas involving
adding a third arg to do_order, and checking to see if it exists and then
counting though the followers until the counter, is the same as the third
arg, then applying the order to that follower.
  However I have no real idea about how I would go about coding this, so if
someone could point me in the right direction I would be gratefull.


Summoned creatures do not appear to have a timer attached to them, which I
think is very important as I want summoned creatures to disappear after a
period of time based on casters level and int etc.
Whats the best way to go about adding a countdown timer to summoned npc's
and then remove them when the timer reaches 0.

And thats my lot.

If anyone can help with 1 or all three questions i would be very gratefull.


Alex Mann 4445
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