[Off-topic] Purest of purest RPmud...

From: Andrej Kacian (kacian@frru.utcru.sk)
Date: 04/20/01

Hello everybody,

I noticed recent discussion about 'pure RP muds' and... I don't think any
of the muds out there are true RP... Roleplay means that you ARE that
character, and so you can do ANYTHING you want in that particular world,
which no mud engine allows (example: I see many trees in some room-desc
and I decide to climb on one of them to avoid meeting nasty troll that
wanders often through that room... I can do that only if builder/coder
had this in mind).

So, my idea of RP mud is one that is stripped of nearly all action
commands, left with all socials (much more of them actually), where an
AD&D game would be played. Immortal would load characters into a room,
presenting situation they are in, with all mobs and objects necessary for
play. Characters would write what they want to do and DM (our immortal)
would tell them the outcome of their actions. Classical AD&D session, but
this time played over the internet. (Many AD&Ds take place on IRC channels

So, the char_data struct would serve as a character record sheet,
experience would be awarded ONLY by DM, combat would be turn-based, with
end-of-turn controlled by the DM, etc, etc, I am sure you got the point.

Just my piece of fantasy, if you don't like it, please just ignore it.


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