Re: [Off-topic] Purest of purest RPmud...

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 04/20/01

> I noticed recent discussion about 'pure RP muds' and... I don't think any
> of the muds out there are true RP... Roleplay means that you ARE that
> character, and so you can do ANYTHING you want in that particular world,
> which no mud engine allows (example: I see many trees in some room-desc
> and I decide to climb on one of them to avoid meeting nasty troll that
> wanders often through that room... I can do that only if builder/coder
> had this in mind).

I'm afraid I have to disagree with this point.  In Role-Playing you
PRETEND you are a character.  Just like you pretend that the trees are
real and that the troll is real.  The quality of the game generally
depends on the ability of the players to immerse themselves in their
characters.  IMHO, MUDS neither encourage nor discourage this immersion.
It is the players themselves who do.  I would imagine that the main
problem faced by RP immortals would be getting the players to adhere to
the rules rather than getting the MUD to be more realistic.  In fact, I
find the idea of a "realistic" fantasy world (complete with magic,
dragons, etc) comical.


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