Re: NEWBIE: Some newbie questions.

From: Carlos Myers (
Date: 06/20/01

> I've downloaded Circle30Bpl18 and have been reading through the code for a
couple of weeks.  I'm about ready to start playing with the code and had a
> Does anyone have any recommendations on MUST HAVE patches before I start
mucking around with the code.  I'm assuming that the more I change the code
the more trouble I'll have patching later.
> Also, if there are patches that anyone considers a must NOT have. You know
the type I'm talking about.  It sounds great but either introduces so many
bugs it makes your code unusable or just too much of a headache to modify
the code later on.
> Any other suggestions for a complet newbie (at least concerning mud coding
that is) would also be appreciated.

First, learn to wordwrap you lines to 80 at most characters.

Second, what exactly are you looking for in your new mud?  Are you looking
to include races?  What about being able to build your areas on-line?  What
about editing Help files?  Do you plan to include some form of scripting
support?  What about clans and quests?  Do you want a player file system
that can easily expand as you include new variables to be saved?

Some of the basic extensions that you many be interested in are OasisOLC
v2.0, Sammy's ASCII Pfiles and DG Scripts.  But I like to know what YOU are
most interested in before giving any more suggestions.


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