From: George Greer (
Date: 07/02/01

OasisOLC version 2.0.1, patched against CircleMUD bpl17
Original author: Levork
Copyright 1996 Harvey Gilpin
Copyright 1997-2001 George Greer (

This is the final release of the OasisOLC package by me.  I don't have the
time to put forth a proper effort on this package and CircleMUD as well.
Since anybody can continue to maintain OasisOLC, it's the one I have to
give up. I never intended to spend such a long time on it when I originally
picked it up. At the time I was just tired of hearing about all the
crashing problems on the CircleMUD mailing list and decided to fix it
because I was doing similar de-crash work on the CircleMUD codebase itself.
Today, neither of them crash (much), except perhaps sedit.  I never did
spend much time on that particular part of OasisOLC.

This new update (2.0.1) fixes a few bugs in 2.0, uses sprintascii() more
often thanks to a patch from Carlos Myers <>,
includes the object level restrictions from Julian Buckley
<>, and provides (untested) code to work with the bpl19
zone system.  If you want proper overlapping zone support you'll have to be
very familiar with the CircleMUD code and the effects it can have.  It's
generally a good idea to keep any overlaps a proper subset of a larger

Anyone is free to pick up the code and continue distributions of it.  You
can even slurp it into some Ultra-Mega-Patch-Pack if you want, although I'd
prefer it be kept in a minimum format as well for those people who don't
want all the Nifty-Whizzbang features of the UMPP.  Also, if multiple
people decide to continue the work, please coordinate.  There is little
worse than two different people both peddling the same package with
different updates, interfaces, and behavior.  No one will know which is
better and it'll all end up a big mess.  You're free to ignore me, of
course, but try to keep it civil.

George Greer

( Ack! Four years! )

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