Re: [OFF TOPIC] [LONG] Patches, Mega Bundles and Newbies

From: Del (
Date: 07/17/01

Before I make an ass out of myself. I was a newbie and I don't remember if
I posted any stupid questions or not to the list. I probably did! To everyone
who has put up with me, helped me, slapped me, sent me problems with my
code submissions, I wish to thank each and every one of you! Now on with making
a jackass of myself :)

Under the discussion of newbies, I more or less have had my share of questions
posted to me directly. Most newbies probably think I am one of the (what term
should I use here? elite/good/top/etc) coders just because I toss togather
a bunch of patches into stock. My intentions were to give back to the circlemud
community in a way that makes me feel good. I am not an elite/good/top coder by
a long shot. There are area's of the code I have never even looked at yet, let
alone a lot of concepts that I still don't understand. Even when I work with
parts of it I don't understand, I mess with it till I get it working the way
I want it to. Some of the newbie questions sent to me directly have
been on the lazy coder side. I don't mind trying to help (if I can) but I as
most coders, I work, have a family, and work on the bundle, and help someone
with thier mud.
I really love working with the code and learning as I go along.
Working with some of the newbies has also taught me things about the code.

I think the circlemud home page ( should be revamped to
provide more information on where to find answers, faq's, archives, etc. The site is less known by newbies, let alone them knowing
that there are faq's on it.

As for bundles, I have either helped make them or made them myself for several
years now. Again, it is my way of helping out. I think they are a good thing.
Reason #1, There are less questions to the list about problems with the
patches, let alone mistakes they make putting them in.
Reason #2, (as stated by someone else) There are patches that are too old for
the current release of circle. Newbies would have a very difficult time
understanding some of the major changes. (then we have more questions for #1)
Reason #3, The concept of "I had to do it the hard way, so you should too" is
by far the most stupid idea around. The demand for a code base with OLC is
high. (Who wants a base without olc?) So why should everyone have to install
something that is common? (Then we fall back to reason #2, and then to #1)
Reason #4, Someone stated something similar to the idea that bundles are not
as robust as a stock mud, as in getting it running right out of the box. This
is kind of a good thing for newbies. For one, they have to do a few thing
to find out why it won't run. Read the documents! Ask the list and get
the basic information they missed in the first place, such as where the FAQ
is, or the archives.
More reasons, but I think I have made my point.

All in all, there are more newbie questions to the list by the impatient (I
think I would rather refer to em as impatient than lazy) ones.
Newbies that probably have been playing on a mud for a few weeks-few months
and realized "I CAN GET THE CODE??? AND MAKE MY OWN MUD???"
Then download it and go "UHHH what do I do now?" :)
Lets ask someone.. who do I know?
Ask the IMP on the mud they play on, and get a respons "Are you NUTS?"
Who to ask next?
I don't know anyone, lets read a little. OHH there is a mailing list!!
Lets get on there and ask, "What do I do with this .tar.gz file?" (hehehe)

Yea ok, a little overboard but I was havin fun!

BYON!  As Darwin said, Newbie Roast at 8pm his house!

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