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From: George Greer (
Date: 07/17/01

On Tue, 17 Jul 2001, Alex wrote:

>> And have these be posted up front so everyone sees them rightaway
>> before asking silly questions.
>that's just the problem.  they _ARE_ posted up front.  people still ignore

Which brings up an important point: We recently reformatted the list rules
FAQ for those lacking the ability to grasp a paragraph format:

Here it is cut & pasted:
RULES -- a restatement of the above because people don't read.

1. On Topic
The mailing list is for the discussion of all things CircleMUD. It is not
to teach you how to program, how to use your operating system, or for
general chatter like politics. Especially not politics around the time of
the U.S.A. elections.

2. Write in English
If no one understands you, they're not going to reply. You want the most
number of people to reply, ergo you write it in English. Another good
reason is because the CircleMUD developers' native language is English.
Some of them may know other languages but they won't all and it probably
won't be good enough to discuss code details with.

3. Flames
If you must write a flaming reply, write the flame about the subject, not
the person. Personal attacks are rarely called for or appreciated but
everyone seems to feel the need to rant about no one checking the mailing
list archives at some point in their life. If your particular flame is
devoid of any redeeming informational value then do not send it to the
mailing list.

4. Quoting
When quoting, trim any unnecessary levels of previous replies. A general
guideline is a maximum of about three replies back.  You'll generally not
need more than 2. Remove any sections of the mail you're not replying to;
don't just quote the whole thing. This doesn't mean you replace words in
sentences with "..." in an attempt to change the meaning, as some
newspapers. Remove every instance of the mailing list footer from your

5. Taboo Language
There are numerous teenagers (and maybe younger) on the mailing list so
avoid any language considered taboo, foul, or dirty.

6. Signatures
Four lines or less is enough. That's up to 240 characters. If your
signature is larger then you need to remove something from it or use a
different signature file just for the mailing list.

7. Advertising
Advertise all you want in your signature, within its size limitations. If
you feel the need to send an entire e-mail doing nothing but advertising
your CircleMUD, prepend an "[AD]" tag to your subject. Note that commercial
advertising is not welcome since no CircleMUD should be commercial.

8. Removal Policy
You may be removed from the mailing list at any time for any of the above
infractions or any other justifiable reason we haven't written here. You'll
receive a short explanation (likely telling you to reread these rules) in
the mail upon your removal. In most cases, you are welcome to sign back on
to the list if you send us an e-mail explaining why you were removed. If
you don't understand why you were removed, you'll just do it again and
waste everyone's time in the process.

9. Length Limit
All messages to the mailing list must be under 200 lines. You won't be
removed from the mailing list for this but your message will not be
delivered either.

Consider yourself all duly warned.

George Greer

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