Re: [OFF TOPIC] [LONG] Patches, Mega Bundles and Newbies

From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 07/17/01

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 04:54:07PM -0400, Alex came up with this idea:
> > What about a Faq-o-matic type setup for the website?

oops. was just looking thru  didn't see a mention
of it.

> i'm currently the token maintainer of that (you get there with mail to
>, and i don't know all of the answers, so when i don't
> know them, i point people to the potentially relevant faqs or websites.
> *grin*  the last couple of people that were helping lost net access, etc
> over the last 6-8 months.
>> Since reading through the FAQ seems to be WAY too much work for
>> some people, that might take a little of the load off the mailservers.

> how is an fom different than an faq?  honestly?

Actually I was referring to a web-based one rather than email.
Honestly, it was just an off the cuff idea since everyone knows no-one will
bother with it and we can pretty much always count on the semi-monthly
post of "How do I add {levels,races,classes,spells,skills}?" to vent
our pent-up hostilities on. ;-)


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