Re: some ideas

From: Mark Smith (
Date: 08/02/01

> In OasisOLC, doing both edit and olc saves at the quit of an edit.

A very crude solution is just to do...

sprintf(buf, "redit save %d", currentzone);
command_interpreter(ch, buf);

That will "force" them to issue the save command.  Put that in the end
of the redit code, when it's quitting, after it does all the other
stuff, and you're good to go.

> Also, being able to assign more than one olc zone to a builder.

My MUD uses a system where we have, basically, a string list of names of
builders.  If their name is in the list (using a strcmp? not sure, the
other Imp wrote the code), it says they're allowed to build.  I think
there is a patch for this out there, though I'm not sure what it's
called exactly.  Sorry I can't help.

-Mark Smith
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